Investment Focus

VMS Private Equity specializes in growth capital, with a focus on China-related investments in
healthcare, tech (including deep tech) and media.


For the past decade, we have partnered with visionary founders of iconic companies and continue to invest in entrepreneurs whose bold ideas, proven track records, capable people and unique business models focused on expediting growth in China. 




Invest throughout the entire healthcare cycle, covering global therapeutics, diagnostics, and healthcare services with a unique China angle.

Focus on healthcare companies that tap into the unmet clinical demand with clinically validated Proof-of-Concept, products and solutions and favourable economics. The management of these companies must demonstrate excellent capabilities in terms of R&D, clinical as well as commercial knowledge. 

Identify leaders who leverage technology to create value in their targeted industries with solid track records and clear business vision to grow their companies.

Leading players with potential to be the next “unicorn” in the competitive market, with resilient management teams, attractive unit economics and business models.

Deep Tech

Identify companies with disruptive IP-protected technology in the post-PoC stage, and are validated by reputable strategic investors. They should also fall within the core sectors in our own eco-system.

Deep Tech


A leader in high speed contactless connectivity in the US


An integrated AI solution provider for Level 4 autonomous driving solutions in both US and China


A leader in automobile new retail and new services in China


One of the largest independent big data platforms in China


A leading cloud computing service platform in China


A leading fabless high-density Resistive Non-volatile Memory (ReRAM) company with rapid commercialization in the US


A leading autonomous driving and internet of vehicles company

Tech and Media


One of the largest e-commerce service providers in China


A leading B2B online food distribution provider to small-medium restaurants in China


A leading online 1-on-1 after-school tutoring platform in China


A leading online education platform in China (a subsidiary of NetEase)

Auto1 Group

A leading digital automotive platform in Europe


A Hong Kong listed HR solutions service provider in China

PP Dai

A peer-to-peer online lending services to individuals in China (now FinVolution Group, FINV:US)

Ding Dong

A fast growing fresh grocery e-commerce player in China


A leading mass market cosmetics company in Korea



The largest independent clinical laboratory platform in China


A Hong Kong and China listed R&D service provider for life sciences industry

Zhaoke Ophthalmology

An ophthalmic specialized pharmaceutical company with a range of portfolio covering both anterior and posterior indications


A leading IVD company in China with next-generation diagnostic technology platform


A biotech company which focuses on developing biocompatible sensors to measure different body analytes in the US


A US-listed biopharmaceutical company with specialization in novel therapeutics


A US-listed clinical-stage cell therapy company which focuses on developing cell therapies to cure blood cancers and serious hematologic diseases


A US-listed clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company which focuses on developing novel and highly differentiated biologics for cancer treatment

New Horizon Health

A leading molecular diagnostic company which focuses on early cancer detection in China

The above only shows selected portfolio companies VMS invested in. 


Investment Focus

With a track record of more than 10 years in real estate investment, advisory and financing, we offer our investors unparalleled access to the real estate markets in mainland China and Hong Kong.


We have formed close strategic partnerships with some of the largest property developers and a number of other major real estate players in China and Hong Kong.



Residential Development
Land acquisition / Development / Sales

Development and operation management

Commercial Property
Asset enhancement and management



Diversified Investment Business

Investing through funds, co-investments with other investors, and proprietary investments in real estate projects.


Development, acquisition and management.


Extension to overseas real estate markets.

Established Relationships and Unique Access

Long-term relationship with developers.

Well connected to both onshore and offshore investors.

Acting as an important connecting point between investors and developers.

Deep Understanding of Chinese Market

Strong and natural understanding of Chinese market and its participants.

Solid experience in investment and project management reduces risk and shortens due diligence analysis period.

Low Risk Investment Strategy

In co-operation with well reputed residential developers.

Holding assets through direct development, co-development and en-block acquisition.

Conservative gearing management. 


Investment Focus

In Structured Finance, we use our expertise, networks and in-depth market knowledge to structure bespoke and flexible financing solutions for our clients in the form of both Structured Financing and Mortgage Financing.


Structured Financing focuses on primarily high yield credit investments while Mortgage Financing emphasizes on collateralizing high quality property assets.



Structured Financing

The aim of Structured Financing is to originate high yield loans secured with high quality assets or listed equity shares.

With our expertise and established network, we originate and structure private credit deals to maximize returns in a risk-adjusted manner.

We aim to provide a customized and bespoke deal structure which aligns with the interests of the borrowers, providing them the “best” financing solutions, which further enhances our deal origination capabilities.

Mortgaged Financing

One of our competitive advantages over banks and other players in the market is our ability to close deals quickly, while being able to offer attractive financing terms with flexible structures to fufill the financing needs of our clients.

The team has established a strong track record in mortgaged financing with a good reputation. We will continue to strengthen relationships with existing clients as well as establishing new relationships (including by means of referrals).